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Overnightart.com is a graphic design company featuring full creative services utilizing hundreds of professional freelance designers from around the world allowing us to produce large volume production art with very quick turnaround times.
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About Us


My wife and I are both graphic designers with over 15 years of experience. Previously, we owned a design studio and apparel production facility for many years. We decided to sell these businesses to dedicate time to our children. Thinking we could earn enough as freelancers while we traveled the Pacific Northwest.


We quickly learned it is very difficult to maintain consistent work over long periods of time, especially while traveling. No matter what we did there would be a great deal of work for periods of time and then very little.


So we started Overnightart.com as a place where our clients could always find us, and we could promote others to find us as we traveled. We learned that in order to stay consistent we always had to be on the lookout for new clients. Even when we were incredibly busy with the clients we already had. The solution was to take on more work then we could do ourselves, and send the excess out to other designers we knew. This worked great for a time. We grew to about a dozen designers. As we continued to grow, we began taking on new and different types of jobs. Requiring us to find new multi-talented designers, artists, and developers.

Earlier this year we were contracted by a large .com startup company who needed a lot of design and illustration work. Our first year predictions are 200,000 t-shirt designs with that client alone. That is about 4,000 designs a week. We are now looking to enlist as many freelance designers as we can to keep up with the demand. There are some interesting jobs and opportunities to make consistent money, while living the life you choose.


We also wanted to provide some Perks. Apple is extending our business discounts to all of our designers. Also Square is offering us a path to securely pay our freelancers with out any processing fees! This makes payment secure, fast, and convenient. We have, and continue to work very hard to secure discounts and advantages to our freelancers, with several more in development.


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Jerome Black

Creative Director
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Gitl Black

Operations Manager

Brandon Blankenship



We understand the demands and harsh deadlines that companies go through. Our team has extensive experience on the front lines of the production industry. We know what it’s like.


Wouldn’t it be great to cut your work load in half?  Overnight Art here to help.  From color separations for screen printing, embroidery files, logo creation, branding and design, we’ve got your bases covered. If you have any questions, email us at art@overnightart.com anytime.  Our goal is to create a working relationship with you and your company. There’s no job too big or too small, we are here for you.

Logo Creation
Success is tied to effective communication.  Let us create a dynamic look for you.

We focus on development, and help our clients achieve their target market.

Print Design

We create and combine words // images // typography to visually communicate our client’s mark.

Apparel Design

Oh boy, we’ve got some of the best for this process!

Color Seperations

No time? No problem! Let us handle it for you. We ensure prompt and quality service, so you can prepare for the next step, printing.


We have an impressive turnaround and top notch quality for your embroidery needs.

Jobs piling up? We’re here to help you manage your work