Overnight Art | FAQ
Overnightart.com is a graphic design company featuring full creative services utilizing hundreds of professional freelance designers from around the world allowing us to produce large volume production art with very quick turnaround times.
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Why should I register at overnightart.com?

We offer three things. 
1) Freelance job opportunities, we find jobs, define the scope and present the work to you.
2) When our clients are looking to fill in house positions, they post them with us and our designers are guaranteed  an interview.
3) We work with companies to provide perks to our designers. Such as discounts @ Apple, Corel, Etc…

What kind of projects do you offer?

At this time our largest volume of work is t shirt designs, However the jobs we take on
largely depends on the talent we have available. We get everything from logo to web
design. Production art to brand development. A lot of our clients use us when there
work load exceeds the capabilities of there in house staff.

Do you post jobs for designers to bid on?

No! we work with the clients to define scope and value of a job, Then we offer that job
to the designers who we think are qualified, the designer can take it or pass it.
We are building a network that provides a path for freelancers to thrive and live life
the way we want to.

How do I get paid?

Square Cash, there is a link on our website. It is the safest, quickest way we have
found to send money and there are zero fees.

How long does it take to get paid?

Generally within 48 hours of approval.

How long does approvals take?

Approvals are done Monday – Thursday in the morning following the submission.

Do freelancers get to choose how many jobs they take?


How long do the t-shirt packets take?

it depends on the ability and experience of the designer. Most designers are doing
1-3 packets per day.

Can I use my designs in my personal portfolio?

Yes, Once in a while we get jobs that restrict this but it is rare and it would be known
up front.

When my packet is complete am I guaranteed payment?

It is our policy to always pay, if the guidelines are not followed we will return the job to
you to meet the guidelines. However it is a job and you need to be able to perform
the job to continue receiving jobs.

Is there consistent/unlimited work available or does it come inconsistently/infrequently?

It is our goal to keep the work as consistent as possible.